Goldstone report in the UN
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This website was developed to achieve the following:

1-      Information sharing such as:

  1. Club’s executive hierarchy.
  2. Who does what in Heliopolis Sporting Club.
  3. Club’s history.
  4. Sports news.
  5. Social & cultural news.
  6. HSC board decisions.
  7. HSC distinguished members and athletes.
  8. Etc…

2-      Giving  services to Club members such as:

  1. Paying online for different sports school.
  2. Paying online for trips and activities.
  3. Reserving courts online.

3-      Establish an HSC database:

  1. Principal committees for Sports, social and cultural activities.
  2. For all sports activities including:

                                                              i.      All sports’ sub committees.

                                                            ii.      All Sports’ Technical managers.

                                                          iii.      Different sport’s trainers.

                                                           iv.      Each sport’s team members and champions.

                                                             v.      Every sport’s history and achievements.

4-      Opening communication channels  between:

  1. Club members, board members and executive management.
  2. Athletes’ families and different sports coaches.
  3. Club members and each other through our blog page.  

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