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HSC Executive Management
Key People in Heliopolis Sporting Club

While HSC board members set the strategy that drives the club forward, the key people that reside behind the implementation of these strategies are the Club's Executive Management Team. This team is who you -as a member- come in contact with in every-day life of the club. After the historical listing of the Club's Executive managers over the years, you will find below a quick introduction about each Executive team member and a very quick biography, to get HSC members to know them better.

Executive Managers over the years

Pictures of some of the executive managers that led Heliopolis Sporting Club over the years...Some of those gentlemen where also distinguished members of the Egyptian society.


Executive Manager

Mr. Tarek Metwally is the most recent executive manager in HSC - a well deserved position after 11 years of managing El Sherouk branch. 
Mr. Metwally is known to many of HSC members and sportsmen for his long history in the club as a member and a distinguished athlete.
You can contact Mr. Metwally at
If you want to know more about club's executive manager, please click here. 

Administrative and Financial Adviser


Mr. Aly Nassar is Heliopolis Sporting Club's Administrative and Financial Adviser. He is the man to refer to when its has to do with the Club's general finances. 
To reach Mr. Nassar use the following email :
You can find more about Mr. Nassar's backgroud and personal CV if you Click Here

El Sherouk Branch Manager

Mr. Adel Shamala is executive Manager for Sherouk Branch since 1/6/2016

Club's vice executive manager for sports activities

MR. Ayman Ismail, former HSC Marsa Matrouh Resort, is now the Heliopolis Sporting Club's Vice President for the sports activities.
He is the man to talk to when general sports matters are concerned.
You can reach Mr. Ayman Ismail at

Vice executive Manager for Social and Cultural Activities

Dr. Yasser Bari Vise executive Manager for Social and Cultural Activities as of 1/1/2013...
Dr. Yasser isthe man to talk to when it comes to Social or Cultural activities...
you can reach him through the following

Marsa Matrouh Resort Manager
Mr. Amgad Fahmy is now the appointed Marsa Matrouh Resort Manager....

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