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Board Members

The Chairmen of the Board over the years
These are the pictures of the board chairmen who were privileged to lead the Heliopolis Club's progress over the years from the time it was established till now.
1- Dr. B.B. Philips
2- Mr. L.J. Stone
3- Mr. B.H. Henderson
4- Mr. J.R. Aldecourt
5- Eng. Ahmed El Demerdash Touny
6- General Eng. Arafa Aly  Mahdy
7- Field Marshal Mohamed Sedky Mahmoud
8- Mr. Mohamed Abou Shady
9- Minister Aly Gamal El Nazer
10- General Eng. Arafa Aly Mahdy
11- Field Marshal Mohamed El Gamassy
12- Minister Fouad Sultan
13- Mr. Haroun El Touni  
14- Mr. Amr El Sonbaty 

Board Chairman

Haroun El Touny, is the current chairman of the board and below is his word:
" Dear Members; With the help of God, we hope to have achieved for our beloved club - up till this moment - the status it deserves on all sportive, cultural and social levels.
I would like to present my deepest appreciation for all the efforts done by different Principal and Sub committees which drive our club's welfare...and we do encourage them to put even greater efforts towards the improvements of all our club's standards"
Haroun El Touny 

Vice President
Mohamed Sedky
Hisham Tawfik
Ahmed Emad Hafez Ragheb
Shireen Mahfouz
Amr Yehia
Hisham Sanad
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