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Water Polo - Heliopolis Club

Water polo History:
Water polo has been part of the Summer Olympics program since the second games, in 1900. A women's water polo tournament was introduced for the 2000 Summer Olympics. Hungary, Italy and Great Britain have dominated this sport, with the first having won more gold medals than the other two combined.Main article: Blood In The Water match.

The most famous water polo match in history is probably the 1956 Summer Olympicssemi-final match between Hungary and the Soviet Union. As the athletes left for the games, the Hungarian revolution began, and the Soviet army crushed the uprising. 

The Hungarians defeated the Soviets 4-0 before the game was called off in the final minute to prevent angry Hungarians in the crowd reacting to Valentin Prokopov punching Ervin Zador's eye open.

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